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May 22, 2007


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Peter Mojica

I made this original post sometime ago. I can say in talking with several high profile customers (and regulators) that the time is coming for "cell phone compliance". In the broker dealer industry traders desks have been connected to voice recorded systems for over a decade now. However, the voice data is not "easily accessible" and it has always been a "just in case" usage of the voice recordings, and the most that was done from an IT perspective was a semi-annual audit to make sure that the machines doing the voice recordings were actually working. The realization is finally coming to the forefront that with all of teh hoopala around corporate compliance, supervising of communications, etc. That their is a big gaping hole attached to every sensitive employees belt, their cell phone. This is how it will start - first will be a collection of the CSID (caller information) data, for every info sensitive employee. You will subscribe to a corporate cell phone provider who will automatically send the needed data from the invoice to your company, they will process the data and have hotlist of numbers that are suspect and this information will be supervised. So watch who you call. Next step, will be the cell phone voice content. Things will continue to get interesting, as this will do to "systems" 10x what email has done. And its just a few short years away.

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